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@SkywaySOMCO Blocks Other Twitter Users

Here’s the body of the email we sent to feedback@pcdspo.gov.ph today regarding @SkywaySOMCO.


Hi there! With reference to https://twitter.com/pcdspo/status/590040818712350720, we just noticed over the weekend that we are unable to see the timeline of @SkywaySOMCO [https://twitter.com/skywaysomco] (please see attached screenshot).

@SkywaySOMCO provides the latest traffic updates for the South Luzon Expressway, just like what @MMDA and @NLEXTraffic are doing.

The problem with @SkywaySOMCO is that when you publicly criticize their wrong doing, they will automatically block you from seeing their timeline. How unfitting for a public service, which should be provided by a company like them.

Based on our call over the weekend, it seems that ours is not an isolated case. Some of our followers did confirmed that @SkywaySOMCO tends to block their followers if you attempt to criticize them.

Our group’s mission is to provide the latest information related to the premiere airport of the country, traffic in/out of the port included.

Appreciate if you could please have this issue raised to proper channels.

Thank you!

Team NAIA Guy



Screenshot 2015-04-21 10.01.58