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This blog is NOT the official website of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) nor of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA).

It just so happen that we’re a bunch of guys in the aviation industry here in Manila, Philippines who, most of the times, are at the NAIA.

NAIA is located in Metro Manila, Philippines with coordinates 14°30′31″N 121°01′10″E

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  1. Hi,
    After browsing the internet about persons who have sufficient knowledge about the airport of the Philippines, I finally found out that you can give me credible answer to my question. So if you don’t mind kindly answer my questions about the renovation of the NAIA 1 because as stated by the in the article the renovation prioritize the design than its aesthetics. Do you think the palace is correct in prioritizing the structural repair of the NAIA 1 than its aesthetic makeover? also considering having three terminals inside the NAIA complex, what do you think is the best strategy in terms of operation and maintenance?

  2. Hello Guys,

    Can you help me on this one? March 31, 2012 I have a group of 15 friends (all first time visitors to the phils) who will arrive at NAIA 1. Given the confusing layout of the arrival area, I would like to meet them inside the airport. How can I get an access pass for the day?
    Thanks for directing me


    • Hi Gilles! Please submit a letter of request to Ms. Edelyn Solano, Manager – ID & Pass Control, Manila International Airport Authority.

      Her office is located at the NAIA Terminal 1 (left side if you’re facing the terminal building).

  3. Hi! My aunt and her Japanese friend will be arriving in the Philippines on November 23. It will be their first time to actually arrive in NAIA Terminal 1. I also want to accompany them because they will be bringing a lot of stuffs for the Christmas season.

    Can you actually give me a sample of request letter? And do I only need a request letter for the access pass?

  4. about the Terminal 1 pass, is it one pass/person? how much do i have to pay for it? thank you.

  5. Hi,

    THank you for your website. I was also wondering where to call and make a request for a pass for my mom and dad for picking us up in the airport. I will be travelling with a toddler and I am so scared that I won;t be able to carry all my stuff. I know porter services are available but how will I know who to trust?

    thank you, if I can get the email of the person to make a contact with I will be so grateful. here is my email address:


    PS: I did look at MIAA and I could not find an email.

    Thank you

  6. Any idea of the status of the P212M seismic retrofit project for Terminal 3? It was awarded last September but no evidence of any work yet


    I am Switzerland National Live in Cebu, LAPU LAPU CITY, A PASIONATED SPOTTER SINCE 1972!



  8. Hi,

    A friend of mine willbe visiting thePhilippines flyingvia Delta Air. May i know what terminal we can go to meet him andhow doi request fora pass so I can meethim inside the airport?

    Awaiting for your reply.

    Thank you

  9. im from st lukes med center how can we get a tarmac pass?
    whats the requirmens?

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