Dear Gen. Honrado … Issues with Planespotters (again!)

January 22, 2013

Gen. Jose Angel Honrado (Ret)
General Manager

Manila International Airport Authority
Pasay City, Philippines

Dearest fellow aviator,

Hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of our friends from the Philippine Planespotters Group (PPSG), we thank you for your unending support to the hobby: planespotting.

However, I was informed that last Saturday January 19th, a group of planespotters was approached (in a courteous way) by Cpl. Quevedo of the Airport Police Department (together with a Lanting Security) along the perimeter fence at RWY06 end (the spotters at standing along the sidewalk at Multinational Avenue). He cited that the letter (holding a copy of this letter) allowing the planespotters is already “expired” and they should secure a new one from your humble office.

It is in that light that I am writing to you again. I cannot see any “expiration” indicated in your response letter to me June of last year. Appreciate if you can clarify this matter with your personnel over at the Airport Police Department — they seemed to be misinformed or are interpreting your letter incorrectly.

Maraming salamat! Will expect your usual prompt response on this matter.

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