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An Open Letter to the MIAA General Manager (Planespotting)

November 13, 2012

Dearest MIAA General Manager Honrado,

Greetings to you again, fellow aviator! I do hope you still remember me from my last e-letter dated May 24th of this year. Will very much appreciate if you can send your response via email to (and it will be posted in this blog, as well).

This letter serves as a follow-up response to your reply to my point #2 where I asked:

“What is the stand of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) with regards to plane spotters, most especially those who frequent the end of RWY06/24 along the Multinational Village access road? Are they considered a “threat” to the security of the airport? Will one be violating any law by exercising his/her right to take pictures of departing/arriving planes from outside of the airport perimeter fence? Plane spotting has the potential to lure possible tourist to visit our country (as what some other countries/cities are doing – having duly designated areas of plane spotters).”

And your response last June 8th was:

“There is no existing airport security regulation which prohibits plane spotters from taking pictures of airplanes from outside the NAIA perimeter fence. These plane spotters are not considered threats to airport security for as long as they keep their activities outside the restricted airside area.”

Most of the local planespotters take their “camera shots” along the Multinational Avenue, after the blast fence which is considered to be a public domain, right?

Sir, if you are not aware or were not informed by people from the AGM-SES, there has been an incident earlier this week when a planespotter was “harassed” by the security guard manning that side of the perimeter road. Will appreciate most if you can shed light on this matter. Moreover, if you can only please advise and inform people at the AGM-SES, APD, and private security agencies manning the airport perimeter that planespotters are no terrorists — better treat them well; they are simply hobbyist who, like us loves aviation. A simple shot of an aircraft taking off or landing at the NAIA makes their day complete.

More power and thank you very much!