DFA, DOLE to Fly Home 1,000 OFWs Stranded in Hong Kong

More than a thousand stranded Filipino workers in Hong Kong will now be able to spend Christmas with their loved ones in the Philippines after Malacañang approved the proposal of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to bring them home in time for the holidays.

“Our kababayans in Hong Kong and other parts of the world have a very special place in President Duterte’s heart and it is just right that we make their Christmas wishes come true by doing what we can to bring them home,” Foreign Affairs Secretary Alan Peter S. Cayetano said.

In a statement, Secretary Cayetano said the President approved the plan he and Labor Secretary Silvestre Bello III put together on Wednesday to assist the approximately 1,000 Filipinos who found themselves stranded in Hong Kong after they were defrauded by the travel agency they bought their tickets home from.

Secretary Cayetano, cochair of the Cabinet Cluster on Overseas Workers, said the DFA and the DOLE, through the Office of Migrant Workers Affairs (OMWA) and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA), will advance the cost of roundtrip travel of the affected workers.

Secretary Cayetano said Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana has also placed the Philippine Air Force on standby in case air assets would have to be flown to Hong Kong to ferry the workers home.

At the same time, Secretary Cayetano said he has instructed the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong to file criminal charges against PEYA Travel, the Filipino-owned travel agency that defrauded the workers.

“We also will pursue a civil suit against PEYA Travel to compensate our kababayans for the damages they suffered,” Secretary Cayetano said.

Foreign Affairs Undersecretary for Migrant Workers Affairs Sarah Lou Arriola said that under the arrangements with OWWA Administrator Hans Cacdac, the two agencies will split the cost of roundtrip air travel of the affected workers.

Undersecretary Arriola said affected workers will be asked to issue an undertaking assigning the refund of their tickets bought from PEYA Travel to the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong.

Undersecretary Arriola said Philippine Airlines and Cathay Pacific have offered discounted airfare and will also dispatch bigger aircraft to accommodate the stranded workers to ensure they will be home before Christmas.

Undersecretary Arriola said Cebu Pacific has also offered 50 complimentary return tickets for the affected Filipinos who are mostly household service workers.

Acting Consul General Roderico Atienza said approximately 160 victims have approached the Consulate to seek assistance but he expects the number of victims seeking assistance to go up.

@SkywaySOMCO Blocks Other Twitter Users

Here’s the body of the email we sent to feedback@pcdspo.gov.ph today regarding @SkywaySOMCO.


Hi there! With reference to https://twitter.com/pcdspo/status/590040818712350720, we just noticed over the weekend that we are unable to see the timeline of @SkywaySOMCO [https://twitter.com/skywaysomco] (please see attached screenshot).

@SkywaySOMCO provides the latest traffic updates for the South Luzon Expressway, just like what @MMDA and @NLEXTraffic are doing.

The problem with @SkywaySOMCO is that when you publicly criticize their wrong doing, they will automatically block you from seeing their timeline. How unfitting for a public service, which should be provided by a company like them.

Based on our call over the weekend, it seems that ours is not an isolated case. Some of our followers did confirmed that @SkywaySOMCO tends to block their followers if you attempt to criticize them.

Our group’s mission is to provide the latest information related to the premiere airport of the country, traffic in/out of the port included.

Appreciate if you could please have this issue raised to proper channels.

Thank you!

Team NAIA Guy



Screenshot 2015-04-21 10.01.58

MIAA (or their Contractor) Uses Planespotter’s Photo Without Permission

The Authority (or one of their service contractors) overseeing the operations of the World’s Worst Airport did it again: short of saying that they “stole” a photo from the planespotter … see for yourselves here:


Printed canvass used to hide the on-going construction and beautification at the NAIA Terminal 1 near the walkway from/leading to the Diplomatic and AOC Carpark.

With all the construction on-going at the NAIA Terminal 1, MIAA (or one of their contractors) opted to use tarps printed with It’s More Fun in the Philippines design to conceal the dirty works being done at the world’s worst airport.

My attention was called by a member of the Philippine Planespotter Group (PPSG) claiming that MIAA (or one of their service contractors) used one of his photos without permission. Angelo Agcamaran to show proof of the “photograbbing incident” has this photo at his website: http://aatheplanespotter.tumblr.com/post/43180381011/south-east-asian-airlines-seair-a320-232

Who in his right mind will be happy to see that his photo is used in public without prior notice?

miaa-grabbed-photo-planespotter1Clearly, the photo was grabbed from Angelo as his watermark is still present when he personally visited the place where the tarp canvass was installed.

MIAA General Manager Honrado, appreciate if you can shed light on this latest booboo from your organization. You see, planespotters are your ally; your friends. How dare you and your people shoo them away (like beggars and at times, suspected criminals) when they spot (take photos of) airplanes along the Multinational Avenue at Runway 06 end when you (or any of your contracted service providers) will just grab their photos without permission?

Also, if you can shed light on the purpose of the inner cyclone wired fence that is being constructed along the perimeter (inner) road of the airport. We do not understand the reason for constructing such if the airport perimeter is already secured with tons of security personnel.

Please feel free to post your reply on this blog post or if you’re not comfortable with it, you know my email address.

An Open Letter to the MIAA General Manager (Planespotting) 2013 Edition

June 28, 2013

Gen. Jose Angel Honrado (Ret)
General Manager

Manila International Airport Authority
Pasay City, Philippines

Dearest fellow aviator,

Hope this letter finds you well. It seems that you missed to reply on two email messages I sent to you regarding:

I tend to believe that you had overlooked to send me your responses on those messages of mine (hoping that they were not misplaced nor intentionally discarded by your loyal assistants).

It has came to my attention that some MIAA personnel (particularly your IID and AGM-SES/APD people) again are “harassing” members of the Philippine Planespotters Group (PPSG), who often times watch planes land and fly out of Manila via the NAIA at the end of Runway 06/24 (outside of the airport’s perimeter fence; along the Multinational Avenue — a public domain).

Members of the PPSG are hobbyists, who are armed with just digital cameras (from the simple cellphone camera, to the point-and-shoot ones, and to a certain extent — dSLR’s for some). Did I mentioned that this group’s membership include our fellow aviators, aeronatutical engineers, private pilots, and even students from all over the country? There are even some local tourists who take time and exerts a little bit of effort going to that spot along Multinational Avenue just to take a shot or two of their favorite airlines before flying back to their hometowns.

I do not see the point of your security personnel shooing PPSG members away from the fence (which is already outside of the airport; along the public road called Multinational Avenue) to the extent of “inviting” them for questioning (by means of sending out a government vehicle to fetch them from the Multinational Avenue to the IID Office at the Basement of the NAIA Terminal 1) to the Intelligence and Investigation Department office of the airport for questioning.

In your response letter to me dated June 08, 2012 and if I may quote:

“There is no existing airport security regulation which prohibits plane spotters from taking pictures of airplanes from outside the NAIA perimeter fence. These plane spotters are not considered threats to airport security for as long as they keep their activities outside the restricted airside area.”

Will appreciate if you can enlighten and explain to your IID personnel what you meant of PPSG or  planespotters, in general being NOT CONSIDERED as THREATS to airport security, since they are outside of the airside restricted area. Better, if you can define what is inside ando/or outside of the airside restricted area.

You see, PPSG members are here to help us promote a safer Philippine aviation industry. Not to mention that they are also contributing to the promotion of local tourism — with some of the photos taken by PPSG members being used by the local and foreign media. Also, in the event of an accident (knock on wood), who knows … maybe one of the PPSG members were able to capture something that may be of great value during such incident investigation?

Appreciate to receive your response the soonest.

PS: Let me remind you of RA9485 (Section 8B: All requests submitted shall be acted upon by the assigned officer or employee during the period stated in the Citizen’s Charter which shall not be longer than five (05) working days …”

Will the NAIA be Transferring to Clark Soon?

That is the question.

The answer: we are not sure yet.

What’s your opinion?

Dear Gen. Honrado … Issues with Planespotters (again!)

January 22, 2013

Gen. Jose Angel Honrado (Ret)
General Manager

Manila International Airport Authority
Pasay City, Philippines

Dearest fellow aviator,

Hope this letter finds you well. On behalf of our friends from the Philippine Planespotters Group (PPSG), we thank you for your unending support to the hobby: planespotting.

However, I was informed that last Saturday January 19th, a group of planespotters was approached (in a courteous way) by Cpl. Quevedo of the Airport Police Department (together with a Lanting Security) along the perimeter fence at RWY06 end (the spotters at standing along the sidewalk at Multinational Avenue). He cited that the letter (holding a copy of this letter) allowing the planespotters is already “expired” and they should secure a new one from your humble office.

It is in that light that I am writing to you again. I cannot see any “expiration” indicated in your response letter to me June of last year. Appreciate if you can clarify this matter with your personnel over at the Airport Police Department — they seemed to be misinformed or are interpreting your letter incorrectly.

Maraming salamat! Will expect your usual prompt response on this matter.